Bigger, stronger, faster, fitter - the differences in physical qualities of school and academy rugby union players

A comparison of the physical performance characteristics of school and academy level rugby players

Effects of an intensifed competition period on neuromuscular function in youth rugby union players

This research examines neuromuscular fatigue responses to playing 3 rugby union matches in 5 days.

Injury incidence and characteristics in South African school first team rugby - A case study

Injury risk in South African schools first team rugby players is similar to professional rugby

Preseason Functional Movement Screen Component Tests Predict Severe Contact Injuries in Professional Rugby Union Players

Functional movement screen component test scores are associated with contact injury outcomes in professional rugby union

Impact of Fatigue on Positional Movements During Professional Rugby Union Match Play

Movement patterns of rugby players in different positions are effected differently by fatigue

GPS comparison of training activities and game demands of professional rugby union

An investigation into how well training activities simulate the running demands of rugby union match play

Movement and impact characteristics of South African professional rugby union players

This is the first research to characterise the running demands of professional rugby match play in South Africa