Jason Tee

Jason Tee

Coach educator and performance consultant


Jason Tee is a sports coach and scientist with broad experience in talent development, injury prevention and coach education. He has worked across the development pathway from grassroot to international competition. Jason’s combines research evidence with real-world experience to produce effective performance solutions.

Jason is a nationally ranked research scientist and is available for research supervision, coach education and development, and performance consulting.


  • Coach development
  • Injury prevention
  • Optimising performance


  • PhD in Sports Science, 2016

    University of Johannesburg

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Accredited since 2011


  • MSc in Sports Science, 2009

    University of the Witwatersrand

  • BSc (Hons) in Exercise Science, 2006

    University of Cape Town


Coach education workshops

1 to 1 coach development and mentorship

Sports performance consulting


Research in practice internships


Principles of Strength and Conditioning in Injury Rehabilitation

This course develops a fundamental understanding of strength and conditioning training principles to be applied into injury rehabilitation. The course consists of both theory and practical based sessions including case studies and program design. Cape Town 4 to 5 September 2021

Tactical Periodisation - Designing Training from your Game Model

In this module, we will look at how to teach a game model to players through training. At the end of the module you will understand how to create a training session based on your game model. This short e-learning course will get you started on implementing your own game model for your team. https://www.rugbycoachweekly.net/courses/turn-your-game-model-into-a-training-session/

Tactical Periodisation - Designing a Game Model

The best place to start implementing tactical periodisation is developing an effective game model. A game model is a way of training and playing to allow your team to achieve their potential. This short e-learning course will get you started on developing your own game model for your team. https://www.rugbycoachweekly.net/courses/play-to-your-potential-with-a-game-model/

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Agile Approaches to Training Prescription

The prescription of physical training is a challenging task because human performance is affected by a range of interrelated factors. Navigating this complex space is best achieved through an agile planning approach where training prescription is adjusted in response to adaptation and fatigue. This presentation discusses planning frameworks that allow for responsive training prescription. Topic to be covered include iterative planning cycles, autoregulation, non-linear periodisation, velocity based training and the use of GPS.

Biokinetics Podcast

A discussion with exercise scientist and conditioning coach Dr Jason Tee on the acute:chronic workload paradigm

Rugby Renegade Podcast

Jason discusses the pitfalls of the Acute Chronic workload ratio, how to return to sport following covid 19, integrating rugby and physical preparation and how to work in a multidisciplinary team.

Recent Posts

How to Establish an Interdisciplinary Team

In our guide, The Value of Interdisciplinary Thinking, Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Tee reminded us that coaching is complex, and to effectively navigate and maximise it, we need to draw from a wide range of areas of knowledge and expertise. Assembling an interdisciplinary team (IDT), a collection of individuals with specialisms in different areas of participant development, is one way to effectively navigate this. This article explores how to go about setting up an effective interdisciplinary team

The value of interdisciplinary thinking

A coach needs to be responsive to the needs of the people they are coaching. As everyone is different and all their needs are unique, you need to draw on different areas of knowledge and experience to best support the individual in front of you.

Autoregulation: The solution to the rehab programming puzzle

Training prescription is a delicate balancing act of tissue-loading. Overload a client, and they may suffer setbacks in the form of pain, swelling, and tissue damage. But, conversely, underloading will affect the development of the physical capacities necessary for performance in their sport. One plausible solution to the training prescription problems described above is the concept of autoregulation. Autoregulation is a training periodization approach that aims to adjust training prescription to the athlete’s daily capabilities

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The effect of rugby union match-play on sleep patterns and subsequent impact on post-match fatigue responses

Sleep is recognised as an important recovery strategy, yet little is known regarding its impact on post-match fatigue. The aims of this …

Manipulating training activities to simulate physical match demands in rugby sevens

Tactical periodisation is an approach the aims to develop technical, tactical physical and mental performance characteristics simultaneously through integrated training. This paper demonstrates how a tactical periodisation approach can be used to simulate match demands in rugby sevens.

Does lower-limb asymmetry increase injury risk in sport? A systematic review

The aim of this review was to synthesize the current understanding relating to the risks of lower body functional asymmetry with injury …