The effect of rugby union match-play on sleep patterns and subsequent impact on post-match fatigue responses

Sleep is recognised as an important recovery strategy, yet little is known regarding its impact on post-match fatigue. The aims of this study were to 1.) describe sleep and post-match fatigue 2.) understand how sleep is affected by contextual and …

Objective sleep patterns and validity of self-reported sleep monitoring across different playing levels in rugby union

Sleep patterns differ across age groups within a rugby playing population. Self reported sleep diaries are a reliable method of collecting sleep data, but are subject to bias that needs to be corrected for.

The travel demands of an elite rugby sevens team: Effects on objective and subjective sleep parameters

Description of how eastwards or westwards travel effects key sleep parameters for sevens world series players

The Quality, Quantity, and Intraindividual Variability of Sleep Among Students and Student-Athletes

A comparison of self-reported sleeping habis of students and student athletes