Tactical Periodisation - Designing Training from your Game Model

Moments of the game

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A shared game model is especially powerful because it allows groups of players to understand and try to solve problems in the same way. If we, as a group, can think on the same lines, then we will understand each other much better.

And that’s what a shared game model aims to do. Sharing a way of playing so everyone knows what they are trying to achieve.

In this module, we will look at how to teach a game model to players through training. At the end of the module you will

  1. Understand how to create a training session based on your game model
  2. Have an example template and blank template for a game model based training This short e-learning course will get you started on implementing your own game model for your team. https://www.rugbycoachweekly.net/courses/turn-your-game-model-into-a-training-session/
Jason Tee
Jason Tee
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