Strength and conditioning

Making the most of multidisciplinary teams

This article discusses how managers and MDT members can create the conditions necessary for MDT success

The travel demands of an elite rugby sevens team: Effects on objective and subjective sleep parameters

Description of how eastwards or westwards travel effects key sleep parameters for sevens world series players

A Coaching Session Framework to Facilitate Long-Term Athletic Development

This coaching session framework is designed to ensure that LTAD outcomes are addressed in all coaching sessions

Autoregulation in Resistance Training A Comparison of Subjective Versus Objective Methods

A comparison of velocity-based and RPE training prescription methods. Both were effective for improving athletic performance, but velocity-based had a larger effect

Convergent validity, reliability and sensitivity of a running test to monitor neuromuscular fatigue

Convergent validity, reliability and sensitivity of a running test to monitor neuromuscular fatigue

A Framework for Decision-Making Within Strength and Conditioning Coaching

A framework to support decision making in S&C coaching

How to be successful a year from now – applying the agile periodization concept

Periodization is one of the most debated topics in sport science literature. In theory, getting an athlete’s periodization right is the difference between performing well, or bombing out at major competitions. Despite this perceived importance, there are as many periodization schemes in circulation as there are former soviet-bloc sport science gurus, and no clear consensus has been reached by the strength and conditioning community as to what method is superior.

A “how to” guide for injury prevention at a team level

This article describes a simple process that practitioners working in team sports can use to analyse and address injury outcomes

Bigger, stronger, faster, fitter - the differences in physical qualities of school and academy rugby union players

A comparison of the physical performance characteristics of school and academy level rugby players

S&C coach or sports scientist: Who does what in youth development pathways?

A little while ago, I was asked to assist a school that was looking to employ a sports scientist by writing a job description for them. I provided a short list of the the roles and responsibilities that I think a sport scientist should be fulfilling when working in the schools space.