The value of interdisciplinary thinking

What knowledge do coaches need? It goes without saying that you must have a deep and detailed underpinning knowledge of your sport. However, just an in-depth understanding of a particular sport (technical skills and tactical awareness) is insufficient to guarantee success.

Turn on the TV on any given day and you are likely to hear pundits speak with great understanding of their respective sports, but few would be able to operationalise these views with a practice session or coaching programme. The reason why knowledgeable TV pundits and armchair critics may not be effective coaches is that you don’t coach sports, you coach people.

A coach needs to be responsive to the needs of the people they are coaching. As everyone is different and all their needs are unique, you need to draw on different areas of knowledge and experience to best support the individual in front of you.

![The interaction between different knowledge areas](/post/2021-12-07-the-value-of-interdisciplinary-thinking.en_files/Interdisciplinary thinking.png)

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Jason Tee
Jason Tee
Coach educator and performance consultant

Coach and sports scientist with an interest in player and coach development