Manipulating training activities to simulate physical match demands in rugby sevens

Tactical periodisation is an approach the aims to develop technical, tactical physical and mental performance characteristics simultaneously through integrated training. This paper demonstrates how a tactical periodisation approach can be used to simulate match demands in rugby sevens.

Agile Approaches to Training Prescription

The prescription of physical training is a challenging task because human performance is affected by a range of interrelated factors. Navigating this complex space is best achieved through an agile planning approach where training prescription is adjusted in response to adaptation and fatigue. This presentation discusses planning frameworks that allow for responsive training prescription. Topic to be covered include iterative planning cycles, autoregulation, non-linear periodisation, velocity based training and the use of GPS.

The effect of age on sport injury risk

Jason Tee explains how development impacts injury risk and examines how to support young athletes for life-long activity.

Injuries in female athletes: reframing the weaker sex narrative

Female athletes suffer more sports injuries than their male counterparts. In this article I explore the reasons behind these high injury rates and demonstrate some surprising facts that turn the female frailty narrative on its head. The problem is not all Q-angles and strength differences...

Injury prevention programs: facts and figures for decision-makers

An evidence-based insight into how clinicians, athletes and coaches can quantify an injury prevention program’s value.

Making the most of multidisciplinary teams

This article discusses how managers and MDT members can create the conditions necessary for MDT success

What can coaches learn from video game designers?

We’re losing….. badly!!! General fitness levels among children are falling off a cliff1. The prevalence of obesity is rising1. We know the answer is to get children physically active, but we can’t get them to step away from their screens long enough to try.

Using physical education to support talent development

This article explores that very important role that physical education can play in the talent development process.

Physical Education in South Africa is disappearing fast – Are we okay with that?

This article examines the current landscape for physical education in South Africa and posible implications of its reduced importance

Applying evidence-based practice in sports coaching

“Evidence-based” has become a massive buzzword within the coaching community, this article takes a deeper look at what evidence-based practice (EBP) actually means and how it can be applied in coaching.