Training load

Principles of Strength and Conditioning in Injury Rehabilitation

This course develops a fundamental understanding of strength and conditioning training principles to be applied into injury rehabilitation. The course consists of both theory and practical based sessions including case studies and program design. ***Cape Town 4 to 5 September 2021***

Biokinetics Podcast

A discussion with exercise scientist and conditioning coach Dr Jason Tee on the acute:chronic workload paradigm

Rugby Renegade Podcast

Jason discusses the pitfalls of the Acute Chronic workload ratio, how to return to sport following covid 19, integrating rugby and physical preparation and how to work in a multidisciplinary team.

How much work can athletes do before injury becomes inevitable?

I was asked this question recently by one of the South African Super Rugby franchises, who were concerned about how to manage their players into the end stages of the season. Below are my thoughts on the theoretical threshold for injury

GPS comparison of training activities and game demands of professional rugby union

An investigation into how well training activities simulate the running demands of rugby union match play

Aspire How’s and Why’s of Training Load Monitoring

Take home messages from Aspire Academy conference 2016 - Managing Training Loads – The How’s and Why’s