How to Establish an Interdisciplinary Team

In our guide, The Value of Interdisciplinary Thinking, Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Tee reminded us that coaching is complex, and to effectively navigate and maximise it, we need to draw from a wide range of areas of knowledge and expertise. Assembling an interdisciplinary team (IDT), a collection of individuals with specialisms in different areas of participant development, is one way to effectively navigate this.

The ultimate goal of the IDT in the medical industry is to improve patient care by combining the skills and expertise of the team members.

In sports coaching, the same principles can be applied effectively to enhance the performance and outcomes of the team and individuals within it. Interdisciplinary teams combine their expertise to provide an environment that can support the diverse needs of the individuals in their care. This article explores how to go about setting up an effective interdisciplinary team

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Jason Tee
Jason Tee
Coach educator and performance consultant

Coach and sports scientist with an interest in player and coach development